Wednesday, May 07, 2008

Invalid XML data in your reports?

Thanks for visiting the test blog for!

We have started to investigate an error that displays the message "Invalid XML data" in your Countries and other reports -- instead of the correct data for your account.

Can you help us in our investigation by providing your feedback on this error? If you have any errors to report, please leave a public comment on this post or send a private message using our web contact form.

In conveying your report to us, please be sure to include the following info so that we can investigate the problem with your account:

1. Your blog URL or HTTP address (e.g. )
2. Provide a list of those reports which are showing the "Invalid XML data" error message.

Thanks so much for using our service and for helping us to provide you with the best BlogPatrol that we possible can for you.


Vanessa D. Alexander said...

Just noticed it today. Invalid xml data on my keywords stats. First time ever happened. Love your service.

Tony said...

vanessa d. alexander: Thanks for your comment and compliment!